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Latest version: 1.6.2, 2016/02/22
eLogger is a free charge and easy-to-use software to implement HMI and data logger on Windows CE 5.0 based PACs (WinPAC and ViewPAC of ICP DAS), Windows CE 6.0 based PACs (XPAC-8000 of ICP DAS), Windows CE 7.0 based PACs and Windows Embedded Standard 2009 based PACs for simple I/O monitor and system control. It could reduce the cost and shorten the time to market.

eLogger can develop a project with flexible I/O configuration quickly and easily. The setup can be completed in only 5 steps: configuring I/O modules, configuring data logger, designing HMI layout pages and web pages, uploading the project and web pages to PAC, executing the project. In these simple steps, there is no need of software programming knowledge. If more powerful functions needs to be added, eLogger also provides a flexible interface, “shared memory”, to cooperate with Visual Studio .NET and ISaGRAF programs.
1.PAC Support:
  • Developer: Windows 2K,Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7
  • Runtime target: Windows CE.NET 5.0 platform, such as WP-8x3x series, WP-8x4x series, VP-23W1, VP-25W1
                            Windows CE.NET 7.0 platform, such as WP-5000-CE7, ViewPAC-CE7, SV-x201-CE7
                            Windows XPE platform, such as XP-8000, XP-8000-Atom

2. Driver Support:

  • Module on slot
    • I-8K series: I-8017HW, I-8024W, and all I-8K DIO modules. (support list)
    • I-87K series: DI, DO, AI, AO, counter, frequency, DI with latch function. (support list)
  • Modbus serial master( support Modbus RTU/ Modbus ASCII)
    • M-7000.
    • Modbus RTU devices/Modbus ASCII devices.
  • Modbus TCP master
    • ET-7000.
    • PET-7000 series.
    • Modbus TCP devices.
  • MQTT Client
    • MQ-7000 series.
3. HMI
  • Elements: Button, Text Box, Linear Gauge, Angular Gauge, LED, Switch, Tank, Label, Plot, Seven Segment, Thermometer, Slider, Odometer.
  • Pages:Maximum of 32 pages.
4.Web Page Converter
  • Elements: Text Box, Seven Segment, Label, Button, Picture Toggle.
  • Support administrator login.
  • Support browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
5. Real Time Data Trend
  • Maximum of 5 trend line in one plot.

6. Value Scaling
Set gain and offset can scale analog values from volt or amp unit to another physical unit. For example: rpm for rotation, kg for weight.

7. Account Management

  • 3 levels operating management: Admin, Power User, User.
  Admin Power User User
Open project
Start/Stop project
Set AO/DO values
Switching group pages
: allowed       : not allowed
8. Remote Maintenance
  • eLogger Developer’s remote control function can be used to Upload project and web pages, Run / Stop the project through the Ethernet.
9. Data Log
  • Local Data Log: Supports csv format file.
  • Remote database:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later on Windows platform and query the data from web page which is created by eLogger.
    • MySQL Server is supported.
10. Logic Control Programming
Via the "Shared Memory", you can choose ISaGRAF or Visual Studio .Net to develop a logic control program and cooperate with the elogger. Your programs can access the data of I/O module and exchange other temporary data through the "Shared Memory". You can focus on the logic control programming.

11. Support ISAPI
You can read/write the shared memory by calling ISAPI URL. It helps you to design a HMI web page with JavaScript.
With "MIT App Inventor" which is the Android App develop site, you can build a Android app by calling ISAPI quickly, no coding required.

12. Support Modbus TCP Server
You can read/write the data by Modbus TCP Protocol.

13. Support Runtime Executing in Background Mode
eLogger Runtime can run in background without designing HMI layout.

14. FAQ
eLgr1-01 How do I operate the eLogger Runtime(Background version)?
eLgr1-02 How do I develop a logic control application that operates via shared memory using Visual Studio 2005 C#.NET?
eLgr1-03 How do I develop a logic control application that operates via shared memory using Visual Studio 2005 VB.NET?

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